Required End of the Year Post…and a Pooper Scooper

So I am not one for New Years Resolutions, I mean nothing about tomorrow is different from today except for me being pissed that I wrote the wrong date on everything. In the spirit of the New Year and my excitement for the most awesome New Years Eve party that I could possibly hope for, I have one resolution:

Get My Shit Together

And I’ve already bought a pooper scooper.  So this is a general be better at life kind of resolution.  Okay, so it is technically multiple resolutions.  So included in this main title are:

  • Financial Stability – because seriously Forever 21 doesn’t need my money
  • Be More Vegetarian – I already stopped purchasing meat at the grocery store but I still need less meat in my life.  I mean my sister went vegan cold turkey (excuse the turn of phrase)  I can certainly eat less meat
  • Quit Diet Pepsi – This is actually kind of a challenging one for me, I love soda, but I want whiter teeth and more money, soda is not good for either of those things
  • Have Straighter Teeth – In the new year I got the opportunity to get dental insurance and that includes braces which seemed to get put off quite a bit over the last few years, I’m doing it before I am 40 and still have crooked teeth
  • Be Healthier – This can also be subcategorized into Be More Vegetarian but this also includes taken care of my health, going to the doctor, taking vitamins and trying to not be sick!
  • More Music, More Music, More Music – self explanatory
  • Go to School – I’ve been working on actually going to a real school and getting my education so that I continue in my pursuit of awesomeness
  • Be Fashionable – I love fashion, but often I am lazy at 5 am to get dressed in a cute outfit and put effort into my appearance.  I am gonna try and be less of a jeans and t shirt gal at work.  This doesn’t help my Financial Stability goal though.
  • Be More Outdoorsy – because I am too pale.
  • Get My Truck Fixed – I need to have a dependable vehicle and as much as I love my Bumble he is a flakey son of a bitch.
  • Be a Better Person – Always make an effort to do this, regardless.

Happy New Year My Loves!!!

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  1. Mommy wrote:

    You are awesome! I am way excited about the new pooper scooper.

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